Leadership Team role email
Ms Yasmin Maskatiya Executive Principal email
Mrs Jo McKeown Head of School email
Mr Nicholas Brown Head of School email
Mr Andy Davies Vice Principal email
Mr Terry Waller Vice Principal email
Mrs Naomi Lewry Vice Principal email
Mr Assheton Woodall Vice Principal email
Ms Vickie Smith Vice Principal email
Mrs Julie Silcock Vice Principal email


Head of Department role email
Mr Mark Johnson Head of Maths email
Ms Andrea Hodson Head of English email
Mr Paul Meredith Head of Science email
Mr Robin Barclay Head of Geography & e-learning email
Dr Alun Williams Head of History & Classics email
Miss Amy Sayer

Head of RS/Sociology; PP Coordinator

Ms Mary Jane Coomber Head of Languages email
Mrs Ann Davies Head of Business Studies email
Mrs Esther Williams Head of Art email
Mrs Danielle Clarke Head of Drama email
Mr Colin Parkes-Reeves Head of Music email
Mr Stephen Tidy Head of Technology email
Mrs Laura Heasman Head of DT email
Mrs Susan Smith Head of Food email
Miss Kerry Eames Joint Head of PE email
Miss Roxane Lihou Joint Head of PE email
Mr Neil Zanger Head of PE email
Mrs Melissa Childs SENCO email
Mr Richard Roman Head of SMSC email
Miss C Skinner   email
Mr N Carroll   email
Miss K Whitmill   email
Mr M Tilling   email
Mrs S Furtado   email
Mr M Faulkner   email
Mrs K Wicken   email
Mr J Alexander   email